It might not be popular to say it
but trade matters.
In fact, it matters today 
more than ever.
We want to show you why…
Employment growth of SMEs that trade internationally.
Number of jobs created for every 220 new international packages shipped by UPS.
Estimated number of jobs added to the US economy thanks to the NAFTA trade deal.

Latest news

Business can chart a new course for trade, says ICC Secretary General

In a letter published in the Financial Times, ICC Secretary General John W.H. Denton AO called on business leaders to leverage their private sector experience towards world trade reform.

Sheltering industries from global competition might sound like a good idea, but evidence shows that it creates real hardship in the long run.

Trade can provide a huge boost to small business growth, enabling SMEs to pay better salaries and create more jobs.

Trade encourages greater productivity and innovation, fueling growth, creating jobs and lowering prices for many essential products, from components of your car to your morning coffee.

Any debate on the role of trade in today’s economy should be balanced and evidence-based, dispelling myth, hearsay and political hyperbole.

Everyday trade

Many aspects of our daily routine are intimately linked to the international trading system, from our morning coffee, to the avocados in our lunchtime salads, to the evening film we choose to watch.

Learn more about why trade matters to you.

Stories from around the world

Small businesses are taking a stand to help re-balance public debate on global trade integration. Here they tell their real life stories behind global trade and the benefits open markets can bring to their businesses and workforces.

Does your company have a story to tell about how trade has helped your business and what reforms could help you do more?

SMEs speak up on trade

Trade holds enormous potential for small business growth, but don’t just take our word for it. Read from SMEs around the world as they recount their experiences trading internationally.